March 16, 2023

The 5 advantages of the private cloud

The 5 advantages of private clouds

The private cloud is increasingly used by companies such as SMEs and ETIs. This type of network infrastructure offers a number of significant advantages. Today, we'd like to take you on a tour of the subject.

Enhanced safety

The major advantage of the private cloud is enhanced data security. This is because the cloud servers are hosted on third-party servers such as Serenisys', and redundantly hosted in different datacenters operated by different operators, dozens of kilometers apart.

This means you can implement a security policy and customized monitoring systems. This type of infrastructure better protects data against potential threats.

Complete infrastructure customization

Complete infrastructure customization is possible with private clouds. They are fully configurable, in terms of software, hardware and tools.

This customization means you can adapt to your company' s specific needs at any time, and let the tools evolve in line with your organization's development.

Better control of your data

The private cloud, unlike the public cloud, gives companies total control over all their data and IT resources. Your IT infrastructure and collaborative or non-collaborative office or business software tools are hosted on dedicated servers, reinforcing security and simplifying data access for your employees.

With this collaborative data management system, you can take the workload off your teams. They can manage shared access and data management efficiently, and make file changes among themselves in real time.

Private cloud scalability and flexibility

The private cloud remains the most scalable and flexible option on the market. Companies can add or reduce storage and data processing capacity as their needs change.

This scalability enables companies to adapt quickly to changes in internal demand.

Private cloud - the business case

The private cloud enables companies to reduce their research and development costs for network infrastructure.

By outsourcing this service, you don't need to deploy human and material resources. As a result, you'll save money on your infrastructure, while ensuring greater security for your data.

Advice from Serenisys

These advantages make the private cloud a very attractive option for businesses. Management is simplified and security much improved. Choosing the type of cloud that best suits your needs is crucial. This strategic decision between private and public clouds is a long-term one.

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