Your data safely stored and protected

The Serenisys private cloud enables you to store and manage your company's information in total security. You store your data inredundant infrastructures in secure data centers.

With secure access, users of your IT system can work in real time from any location.

Safety, stability and security

Enhance your company's security and confidentiality with our private cloud solutions, and outsource your data management to a third party. Protect and encrypt your data, while maintaining total control.

Your data securely stored and protected

Private cloud : free yourself from constraints

your costs

Go to
in real time

Protect yourself
from the unexpected

Private clouds allow
companies to
reduce costs

The cost of renting a private cloud is significantly lower than the cost of setting up and managing a physical data center. You'll make substantial savings on your infrastructure costs.

Your data is stored and managed by a third-party service provider. They are kept in a safe place, protected against any kind of damage or theft.

Data available even during power cuts

Using a private cloud offers you protection against data loss, particularly with regard to data deemed confidential and security risks.

Give yourself the peace of mind of knowing that your data will be available, even in the event of a breakdown. In fact, the operating infrastructure will be switched over to the disaster recovery infrastructure.

Increase your teams' productivity

Manage your data in real time,
an enterprise collaboration tool

The flexibility of the private cloud means you can add or remove items as you see fit
, and work collaboratively with your customers and/or employees.

Easy to use, the cloud gives you agility and flexibility in your
. You can easily implement changes and adjustments.

What's more, it lets you maintain a controlled environment. You control who has
access to your data and what they can do with it. So your employees can't access
sensitive information you don't want them to see.

Enterprise productivity in the private cloud
Secure data with the private cloud

Secure your data with the private cloud

Secure your data with Serenisys private cloud infrastructures.

A single dedicatedfirewall server that manages all
user access
to both the Internet and the private cloud's internal services, with load balancing if

HA (High Availability) function for automatic fault tolerance

Backup of server data (QUICKSAVE) to ensure disaster recovery, according to the backup policy defined by the customer. All backed-up data is stored and encrypted on a dedicated platform in a datacenter more than 20 km away from your current Cloud operations.

The Serenisys DRP function is systematically activated in the event of an unforeseen interruption to your private Cloud in operation. Serenisys support triggers the restart of your private Cloud from the last data backup.

SLA: Guaranteed response time defined according to customer needs, up to one hour response time (GTI) 24/7/365.

On-demand security audit: either on a one-off basis or according to the contracted frequency. Monthly review of platform monitoring, with a security audit after each change.

Monitoring of components, networks, virtual machines and application services.

Enjoy peace of mind and discover our private cloud infrastructures, monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

They guarantee to maintain them in operational condition at over 99.9999% per month.

Price : from 300 per month

Choose safety and ensure peace of mind


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