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We've been enjoying the Serenisys solution as a whole for the past 10 years, in particular the great flexibility of the private cloud, the power of centralized messaging with direct access to archives for searches enabling instant responses.
We benefit from high system availability, with excellent server access response times , even abroad. We benefit from good information on storage limit monitoring, good monitoring of application and system software, and good synchronization of e-mails and agendas on mobile devices.
What's more, the Serenisys team is always on hand with an efficient, personalized hotline.

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Gérard Pelissier, Chairman - KNS Lease

Gérard Pélissier

Chairman - KNS Lease

We chose Serenisys almost 5 years ago. We chose to equip as many users as possible with robust, space-saving mini-workstations. This enables us to secure the company's data, particularly in terms of storage, as no data is stored on the workstation. Users work directly on the server, which facilitates document sharing and significantly reduces file duplication . So there's no unnecessary data storage.
We no longer have to worry about backups or system software updates.
The mailbox management system offers excellent synchronization of mobile email and calendars. Serenisys Support manages the entire IT infrastructure - networks, private cloud servers, user workstations, printers, etc. - which is a plus.

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Jean-Christophe Sabot, General Manager - Paris Traiteurs

Jean-Christophe Sabot

General Manager - Paris Traiteurs

For 4 years now, we've been relying on Serenisys for its services. We needed to secure our data, a high-speed, secure Internet connection and a secure telephony solution.
The solution proposed by Serenisys was technically the best and financially the most appropriate. Serenisys' involvement in the installation process ensured greater network security. The RDP gateway solution made it possible to respond immediately to the need for teleworking, without having to modify the existing infrastructure.

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MR. B.B.

IT Manager - International architectural firm

Since 2015 SERENISYS has hosted the ALSMT CLOUDPRIVE, comprising a server dedicated to the members' portal site and a server for the institutional site. The special feature is the management of the server for the members' portal site, whose power is adapted at the beginning of the year to absorb peaks in traffic. SERENISYS manages the CLOUDPRIVE firewall and maintains the 2 machines in operational condition, as well as managing their backups and DRPs within the SERENISYS standard.
SERENISYS is a reliable, responsive partner with high added value in terms of service quality, coupled with a real ability to listen to customers.
The advantages of the SERENISYS solution can be summed up in 3 words: flexibility, responsiveness and security.
In March 2024, ALSMT will launch its new website. This will be its first communication tool to present its centers, teams and missions, to its member companies and their employees, to its partners and to the general public. SERENISYS will participate in this project by updating our web server.

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Mr Hervé KOZEL

Assistant Manager - ALSMT